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Festival Beer Kits

Made by Ritchie Products Ltd of Burton-upon-Trent, Festival Beer kits launched to the public in August 2012. These were a new type of kit for the homebrew market, a first of their kind. In the box you had pouches of malt extract instead of tins, you also had priming sugar included as well as dry hops. Some kits had extra sugar to be added at the start to increase the %abv. Each Festival kit had different hops, each style using a specific hop or mixture of hops. The price was slightly higher than other kits that were on the market, but they represented good value with what was inside the box.

Upon launch, there were just 6 kits available: Pilgrims Hope, Father Hooks, Landlord Finest Ale, Old Suffolk Strong, Golden Stag and Pride of London Porter. These were all premium British Ales and produced excellent results, proving instantly popular. Summer Glory launched in August 2013 as a limited edition kit, however due to its popularity, this became a permanent kit to the range. The British Ale range now includes classics like Razorback and Summer Glory.

Over the time, the Festival range increased with the addition of Limited Edition kits released at specific times, like the Bonfire Toffee Stout and Spiced Winter Ale. The latest Limited Edition kits are based upon 4 popular British Beers – Britfire (Spitfire), Brigadier (Bombadier), Friars Ale (Abbot Ale) and Golden Ale (Wainwrights Golden Ale).

Festival also released a new range called the World Series. These kits showcased beer styles from around the world, like Belgian Dubbel, US Steam Beer, New Zealand Pilsner and German Weiss, with the latest addition being American IPA.

The Festival range extended with the addition of premium cider kits. These kits include everything you need, including dry fruit to achieve that extra flavour that is missing from just apple juice. These are the best cider kits that you can make.

Festival beer kits still prove to be popular, with new styles and limited editions launching frequently. Bevie acquired Ritchie Products Ltd in 2020.

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